Kenedix Retail REIT Corporation

Securities Code:3453

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Governance structure

■Managing conflicts of interests

Where deemed appropriate or in the case of a related-party transaction, the compliance officer submits proposals to the compliance committee for its review and approval, prior to submission to the asset management committee under the Retail REIT Division Related-party Transactions Rules.


■Introduction of DPU-linked and unit performance-linked management fee structures

We have adopted DPU-linked as well as investment unit performance-linked asset management fee structures to provide further incentives to enhance unitholder value.

■The Kenedix Group's business model that benefits from our growth

J-REIT assets constitute the majority of Kenedix Group AUM. Because of the importance of the J-REIT business to the Kenedix Group, we believe that our sound growth is in line with their interests.

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